airplane maintenance platforms

Our ringlock scaffolding are widely used to many fields. Our technicians design a structure for aircraft maintenance and painting project.

Aircraft scaffolding

Ringlock node is revolutionary, so makes it faster and easier erection than any other scaffolding. It uses the wedges, ledger end and rosette to lock the vertical

and horizontal together by hitting the wedges. The rosette have eight holes, four fix ledger and four fix brace, much better than other scaffolding. Each ledger

and brace is independent. So it can make the ledger and brace quick locking and fastening tightly.

The tripod of the disc scaffold can perfectly solve the curved design of the fuselage. It can be scaled according to actual needs. Each unit of the disc scaffold can

be integrated or used separately, and the bottom is equipped with universal brake casters to improve the use efficiency.

Boeing 737-400 aircraft maintenance project, the aircraft has a length of 36.5 meters, a wingspan of 28.9m, a height of 11.1m, a cockpit width of 3.54m,

a height of 2.20m, an empty weight of 33,200 kg, a maximum take-off weight of 68,050 kg, and a maximum landing weight of 56,246 kg. , The cargo

volume is 38.9 m³, the practical ceiling is 11,300 m, the cruising speed is Mach 0.78 (828 km/h), the full-load range is 2,165 NM (4,005 km), and the

maximum fuel capacity is 23,170 L.

Our design and research team do the drawing strictly according to the 737-400 structure. So make our scaffolding fit well to the plane. This type

scaffolding is safe, durable and reliable. Hot dip galvanized surface treatment, make it can use many years and times.

Our aim thinking what you want, doing what you need.
Make all projects safer, simpler and more efficient.

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