Modular Scaffold

Modular scaffold, or system scaffold, is a generic term. It consists of a separate part or unit that is used to complete various supports and access works in construction.

Since the development of the scaffolding industry, the many system scaffoldings such as  ringlockframe, shoring propshaki, kwikstage, tube and couplers, have emerged.

We have no way to say which one is better, and each one has the strengths and weaknesses when they are in the construction applications. If we know their differences and features, we can design the safer, more efficient application solution by taking advantage of them.

Total Contec offers a variety of system scaffolding, and plank, stair, ladder, beam, transom, guardrail, toe board, couplers, locks, and pins.

In the years of practice, we have comprehensive knowledge of the use characteristics of various modular scaffolding, as well as requirements of materials.

We know what is the best management in the metal manufacturing industry, what are the excellent industrial workers, and how they output the consistently high-quality products in the perfect working environment.