Airplane maintenance platform

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Our ringlock scaffolding are widely used to many fields. Our technicians design a structure for aircraft maintenance and painting project. Ringlock node is revolutionary, so makes it faster and easier erection than any other scaffolding. It uses the wedges, ledger end and rosette to lock the vertical and horizontal together by hitting the wedges. The rosette

Scaffolding Steel Planks/Boards/Platform for Projects

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Steel plank is always requested more in system scaffolding, especially in access and scaffolding work. Width and length are the main data. The low profile steel plank’s top surface is almost level with the top surface of the ledger of scaffolding, but the non-low profile is above the level about 3 or 4cm. Besides, there

What is Ringlock scaffolding system?

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Ringlock is a modular scaffold system which can provide major savings in labor costs while meeting the demands for safety, ease of handling and reductions in maintenance. It enables workers to set up, use, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency, therefore saving on time and labor cost. Ringlock scaffolding has

Temporary Passage Project for Passengers in Wuxi Railway Station

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There is nothing more important than life. This epidemic situation calls on us to take the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control. The whole nation is united.People on all fronts devote themselves to duties,delicate as much as they can on the front lines of epidemic battle. At 00:00 on January 26, Wuxi activated first-level public

Suzhou No. 2 Library Ringlock Facade Scaffolding Special Construction Plan

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Porject Overview: The main content of this project’s facade curtain wall is metal-framed glass curtain walls and decorative aluminum panel lines. It’s 200mm from the glass completion surface to the main keel, and 900mm from the decorative aluminum panel lines completion surface to the glass completion surface. The entire installation process is to install the

The Big Fight: US-China Tariff War and the Scaffolding Industry

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Two of the world’s greatest economies, the US and China have locked horns, and this tiff has gone on to culminate into a full-blown trade war. It began when the Trump administration imposed widespread tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods such as medical equipment, aircraft parts, and television sets. All such goods are

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