Scaffold Bag (Lifting Bag)

  • 54 x 34cm diameter, or customized
  • Triple layered base for holding heavy fittings
  • Multi-use bag, tested and conformed to the Safety Factor of 6:1
  • Holds approx 20-25 fittings
  • All our scaffold fitting bags are printed and manufactured to fit in with all health and safety requirements.
  • Also ideal for holding other types of fixtures and fittings, and as a general extra duty handy bag for around the home/business.
  • 30kg printed with S.W.L 30kg
Canvas Lifting Bag Bearing Capacity
Cylindrical shape:
D*H=0.4m*0.4m 300kg
D*H=0.4m*0.6m 300kg
D*H=0.4m*0.8m 600kg
D*H=0.5m*0.8m 600kg
D*H=0.5m*1m 600kg
Rectangular Shape:
L*W*H=0.6*0.6*0.7m 1ton
L*W*H=0.8*0.8*0.9m 1ton
L*W*H=1.0*1.0*1.0m 1.5ton

Gin Wheel and Ropes

Gin Wheel:

D=8’/10’/12’/14′; Maximum Load: 1000kg

Fibre Rope:

L=500m/1000m/roll; D=4mm-60mm