The modular scaffolding is the critical assets for scaffolding rental company.

How much were they when you bought them? How much can they return for you every year? How long can they cover the cost of them? And then, the longer they can be used, the higher you can get yields.

The following is the longest-running ringlock scaffolding which we found in China. Their quality is testified by time.

( The modular scaffolding, or disk lock steel tubular scaffold, began to be used in Chinese construction in 2008, and be widely applied in construction due to issued standard in 2011.)

These are produced in 2010.

standard produced in 2010-1
standard produced in 2010-3
Standard produced in 2010
standard produced in 2010
standard produced in 2010-2

They are hot dip galvanized and still running.

There are three kinds of galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, mechanical zinc-plating, and electroplated. Each has its advantages and disadvantages from anti-corrosion performance, appearance, environmental pollution.

But if considering the anti-corrosion, costs, and long-term used, hot-dip galvanized is the best.

Hence, it is required in JG/T 503-2016 of Chinese Standard, ‘5.2.1Standard, ledger, diagonal brace, and accessories should be hot-dip-galvanized, painting or electroplated is not allowed.’

And some thickness requirements:

Galvanizing thickness (μm)
Steel tube thickness≥3mm, Local thickness: 55, Average thickness: 75
Steel tube thickness<3mm, Local thickness: 45, Average thickness: 55
Casting item, Local thickness: 60, Average thickness: 70