Disc-lock scaffolding is widely applied to heavy-loading construction project.

Raw material has directly relations to the scaffolding safety performance.
Heat number management is a quite vital method for us to control the quality of raw material in manufacturing process.

The heat number, like raw material’s identification, actually is the number of furnace tank which the material comes from. Material from different furnace tanks has different quality, then every heat number material must be done elements testing and mechanical testing.

Heat numbers are linked up with every order. Raw material in different heat numbers must be done tensile testing and chemical element analysis before received by warehouse. Only be qualified, they can be used.

And there is a series of tests during production of the half-finished products, such as flattening, flaring, bending, axial, circumferential, etc.

Heat number management, throughout the whole manufacturing process, provides a tracing identification benefiting for quality control system.
Meanwhile, that also ensures the high quality and stability of Rapid disc-lock scaffolding.