Guide: 8 Ways to Mitigate Scaffolding-Related Risks on Construction Sites

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Preventing fall hazards on construction sites is one of the topmost concerns of the construction industry at large. According to OSHA, fall hazards make up around 42% of all fatalities in this sector every year. OSHA also estimates that around 65% of all construction workers work on scaffolds for one reason or another each year.

6 Types of System scaffolding and Their Uses

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Everyone talks of climbing the ladder to success, but how about adding a slight twist to it? Scaffolding can take the place of the ladder, especially when the climb is extremely high. So let’s give it its due and learn more about it. In this post, we’ll be throwing some light on system scaffolding.

The Key Factor to Increase Rental Income for Modular Scaffolding

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The modular scaffolding is the critical assets for scaffolding rental company. How much were they when you bought them? How much can they return for you every year? How long can they cover the cost of them? And then, the longer they can be used, the higher you can get yields. The following is

1 Minute to Know About the Steel Properties of Scaffolding

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To be safe is the crucial importance for scaffolding in construction. You know, ASTM A36 is the steel for a general structural purpose including bridge and building in the US. Therefore it is widely used for making scaffolding, such as tube & couplers, ringlock. However there are many scaffoldings which imported from China or India

Why should we do the heat number management?

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Disc-lock scaffolding is widely applied to heavy-loading construction project. Raw material has directly relations to the scaffolding safety performance. Heat number management is a quite vital method for us to control the quality of raw material in manufacturing process. The heat number, like raw material’s identification, actually is the number of furnace tank which

Why should we do flaring and flattening test?

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Flaring and flattening test is a major way to verify the quality of weld seam of welded tube. Welded tube is the basic element of diverse scaffolding system. The main part of components of disk-lock scaffolding, like standard, ledger and diagonal brace, are made of welded tube in different sizes. Generally, flat strip steel

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