To be safe is the crucial importance for scaffolding in construction.

You know, ASTM A36 is the steel for a general structural purpose including bridge and building in the US. Therefore it is widely used for making scaffolding, such as tube & couplers, ringlock.

However there are many scaffoldings which imported from China or India erected in the construction spot, they all tagged as Q235 and Q345 of Chinese Steel Grade.

So, A36, A235, and Q345 are they exact equivalent?

No, they are different. Following is the distinguish.

steel grade data comparison

Consequently, Q235 is similar with A36, but not as well as A36, and Q345 is better than A36.

The ringlock vertical is the main component for heavy loading. According to above data comparison, you can conclude that the vertical made of Q345 steel grade is competent to carry out the work of A36.

It is compulsory for a ringlock vertical to made of Q345 in China, which ruled in JGJ 231-2010 (Chinese Industrial Standard) that named as ‘Technical Specification for the safety of disk lock steel tubular scaffold in construction.’

The vertical must be made of Q345 steel when you import ringlock from China, and the others such as the ledger, diagonal brace could be made of Q235 steel.

Considering the safety and durability, the vertical and ledger of ringlock we supply are both made of Q345, more details…