Scenic Spot “Future Garden”

located in Nanjing city as temporary facade scaffolding and  floor shoring scaffolding

TC Scaffolding Project-Future Guaden

This scenic spot is located in Nanjing City. The total construction area is 100,200 square meters. It is divided into two parts: above ground and underground. The internal buildings and facilities reveal in the future the feeling and the technical feeling. At the lower level of the scenic spot, a future garden of 15,000m2 is planned. The roof of the garden is supported by 42 stainless steel umbrella trees with acrylic panels as surfaces. This design is the first of its kind in the world.
The construction site of the future garden is located in a pit, the landscape is complex. The structure supported by stainless steel umbrella tree is uneven, making the construction very difficult. Finally, the real estate owner chose our company in order to meet the safety requirement, technology support, limited construction period, and a better budget for the construction.

Share some pictures under construction:

scaffolding under construction

After 2 years’ construction, the project has been finally finished:

TC scaffolding Project

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(To be continued…We will share more of our projects in the future.)