Hangzhou International Expo Centre is the primary reception place during the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit.

During construction, our scaffolding worked on not only the heavy loading of the main building but also the interior decoration.

Welcome area is 7400 square meter at the second floor of the building, which is the drop off the platform of a bridge structure. After the heads of state got off here, they entered the 1440 square meter welcome hall.

HZ International Expo Centre
HZ International Expo Centre-wel

The height of the first floor is 8.69m, the height of the second floor is 8.29m. The span of the main beam is 18m, which of section size is 3.3m*0.6m. Our modular scaffolding provided the solution for it entirely.

Besides, we also participated the decoration of welcome hall, conference hall, and banquet hall. The work access which was formed of ringlock scaffolding and steel planks make the process more reliable and efficient.

HZIEC decoration
HZIEC decoration2