Our team has finished another project, Liyang Hydropower Station, which is located in Jiangsu province in China, the most significant hydropower station in Jiangsu so far.

hydropower station

Project data

  • There are two towers with 53m height for water inlet an outlet.
  • Each tower is a hollow cylinder with the outer diameter of 37m and the inner diameter of 15m.
  • Each tower is consist of 8 uprights placed in a circle. There is a connection plank with the thickness of 1m between two uprights at an interval of 6m height.
  • Top cap is 20m diameter and thickness of 1.5m.
tower above water1
tank above water
  • Formwork and modular scaffolding are enough for heavy load, stiffness, and stability.
  • Project-specific solutions for complex shapes.
hydropower station tower
hydropower station tower