There is nothing more important than life. This epidemic situation calls on us to take the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control. The whole nation is united.People on all fronts devote themselves to duties,delicate as much as they can on the front lines of epidemic battle.

At 00:00 on January 26, Wuxi activated first-level public health emergency response (mechanism).Our company is now doing a  comprehensive job of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation of the enterprise, and is ready to prevent the spread of the epidemic situation.

At 3 pm on January 28, the general manager received a notice from the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Liangxi District that, before the peak period of the post-holiday return trip, a hot passenger temporary passage must be built in Wuxi Railway Station to cooperate with the epidemic prevention station. The company attaches great importance to it and responds quickly. The branch manager takes the lead and mobilizes all the personnel in the company department in tin as soon as possible. Colleagues in the technical department are responsible for designing the access plan, and the asset management department is responsible for contacting logistics and dispatching materials to help Xicheng win the epidemic battle. During the Spring Festival, logistics has been on vacation, and frontline construction workers have left Wuxi. The company immediately gave instructions. If there are no workers, we will go on our own! After the municipal branch understood the situation, it took the initiative to send 110 trucks to the warehouse to assist in loading.

At 6:30 p.m. the truck arrived at the train station on time, but the crane suddenly failed and could not be hoisted. Our branch manager take the lead and called on all the staff to move over four tons of scaffolding equipments to the North Sunken plaza.

On the erection site, everyone worked together to carry out the erection work in an orderly manner with colleagues from the Construction Bureau. After the outdoor passage was set up, our general manager said epidemic prevention work is a top priority at the moment and encouraged everyone to work together to complete the indoor passage which was scheduled for the next day. At 11:30 p.m.  everyone finished work and cleared the scene. Then general manager confirmed again.