Porject Overview: The main content of this project’s facade curtain wall is metal-framed glass curtain walls and decorative aluminum panel lines. It’s 200mm from the glass completion surface to the main keel, and 900mm from the decorative aluminum panel lines completion surface to the glass completion surface. The entire installation process is to install the aluminum panel lines after installing the glass of the glass curtain wall.

The scaffolding erection should be processed in conjunction with the curtain wall installation process.The scaffolding erected earlier should satisfy the requirements of the glass installation. Then, the scaffolding should be adjusted to meet the aluminum panel lines installation.

Construction difficulties :
1. The appearance of the decorative curtain wall on the south side of the library is quite complicated. Scaffolding installation should be designed accordingly.
2. It’s hard to position for scaffolding frame during the decoration process of the curtain wall. Scaffolding components’ size are regular, but the curtain wall structure is shaped like a twisted wave.